NESDA is an acronym for National Electronics Service Dealers Association. For over sixty years, it has been the premier association of, and for, professional servicers across the United States, with a number of members in foreign countries.

NESDA is the premier trade association for professionals in the business of repairing consumer electronic equipment, appliances, or computers. It is business owners and/or managers working together for self-improvement through cooperation and information-sharing, and professionals contributing to the betterment of their industry.

NESDA’s mission is to help independent servicers to be successful through today’s challenging times. NESDA serves as both the parent group, under which other divisions are formed, and as the division which represents computer and consumer electronics service dealers. Currently, the other division under the NESDA umbrella is the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET). ISCET represents the interests of professional technicians in all fields. Collectively, NESDA and ISCET represent thousands of electronics professionals, primarily in the United States but also throughout the world.

While the electronics service industry is rushing forward to a new era, NESDA is carefully leading service providers to an exciting and higher level of exceptional service performance.

Why should you join NESDA?

If you’re not a member, you’re missing out. Membership in NESDA doesn’t cost … it pays! Time is money, and NESDA’s benefits and programs provide tools to help our members work more efficiently and provide better service to their customers, representing an absolutely outstanding return on investment.

What are the benefits of belonging? NESDA members may access the ever-growing online TechMate tips database; NESDAnet, an e-mail self-help list, a bi-monthly industry magazine; and other outstanding “Members Only” benefits not available anywhere else at any price.* For more information on the benefits of belonging, click here.

If you have never been a NESDA member, or have not been a member in 24 months or more, dues for your first year of membership are $300, with a free, no-obligation trial. In appreciation for your fully-paid one-year membership, we will provide one complimentary convention registration.**

For more information, contact the NESDA office at 800/797-9197 ext. 116 or click here to join NESDA.