NESDA Annual Awards

(please scroll down the page to find the online nomination form) Deadline for 2016 Nominations: June 1, 2016

Each year NESDA and ISCET give several awards during NPSC. Some are given during the week; some are given at the annual Awards Banquet held on the last night of NPSC. Not all awards are given every year.

Please note that the online form below must be completed and sent separately for each individual you wish to nominate. It is not possible to nominate multiple individuals with one form submission.

A printed, hard copy of this form is included with a membership mailing to all members of NESDA prior to the convention.

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For an individual who has made significant contributions to advance the best interests of the product service industry and/or the goals of NESDA. It may also be for the accomplishment of a significant deed, or series of deeds which have or can be expected to improve the service industry and/or NESDA.

Named after the late M. L. Finneburgh Sr. EHF, a former industrialist who inspired association members with speeches of patriotism, good business sense, and the need to affiliate. The award honors a rare inspirational individual who performs outstanding and exceptional service to NESDA.

This award honors the legendary Gerry M. McCann, a true visionary, who with his positive personality and a generous philosophy of sharing knowledge, educated generations of service dealers in the intricacies of providing “World-Class” service. His lifetime of continuous efforts on behalf of  NESDA  and  the electronic service industry were  an  inspiration  to  all  who  became acquainted with him. It is meant to recognize a NESDA member’s special talents, positive thinking, imagination and a particular ability to produce productive results in association activities.

This award recognizes the officer(s) who has demonstrated unusual attention to and fulfillment of the duties of his/her office; awareness of association or industry needs; ability to communicate with fellow officers and constituents; constructive participation at meetings; significant written and/or telephone communications between meetings; attendance and participation at local, regional, or national functions; and effective representation of all members’ interests. The award was re-named for Richard Mildenberger CET, a respected champion of independent service, longtime member of the NESDA Board of Directors and member of ISCET, after he passed away suddenly in April of 2003.

Recognizes an outstanding committee chairperson for goal-setting and accomplishment, effective delegation of duties to fellow committee members, the value of the committee’s activities, and frequent, informative and useful reporting to the Board.

This award recognizes the president of an Associate organization for: demonstrated leadership efforts; outstanding representation of that Associate; and/or for outstanding and/or unusual achievements of that Associate during the president’s term.

This award recognizes an individual or organization that rendered outstanding contributions to the service industry on a national scope during the past year. If a manufacturing company or a warrantor, additional considerations may also apply; Such as: (1) reimburses the service provider promptly with fair rates; (2) provides a straight forward uncomplicated claims filing system; (3) makes service literature and product training available to service providers; (4) offers parts at fair prices with prompt credits on returned parts to service providers; (5) supports the local, state, regional and national associations; (6) establishes readily accessible communications channels (800 phone number, FAX or Internet) for service providers; etc.

This award recognizes a company, organization or individual whose outstanding activity or efforts notably enhanced the professional performance for, state; regional or local service providers during the past year.

These awards recognize people whose outstanding individual job-related activity or efforts have notably enhanced the professional performance of their Service-Provider clients during the past year.

This Award may be presented to an individual, group, associated organization or other entity  who has obtained, without reimbursement, the most approved new NESDA members in the  year past. The  recipient has demonstrated drive, creativity, skill and integrity in recruiting  paid memberships with an emphasis on producing members who have an ongoing  interest  in continuous membership, attending NESDA’s annual National Professional  Service  Convention,  and  remaining  active within the Association. This award is named for  Fay  Wood who, through her dedication, hard work and creativity has produced NESDA programs that have increased membership beyond all expectations.

Awarded to an Associate organization for gains in NESDA membership, positive association activities, and industry accomplishments within its sphere of influence. In addition to any other award, each member of the winning association shall be entitled to special privileges as determined by the Board of Directors.

Recognizes an industry leader who has provided a long-term and significant commitment to the electronics service industry through his or her participation in association activities. Nominees must have a history, often ten or more years of active service with a recognized national, state or local service industry association. This award is not necessarily given every year and may be given to no more than one individual each year.

Recognizes the NESDA members who have contributed the most to NESDAnet during the previous year.

Recognizes and shows appreciation for continuing, professional, and exemplary distribution of parts and services to the independent product service industry.

Online Nominations for NESDA Annual Awards

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