Apply for a One-Year Sponsored Membership in NESDA for $60

If you are interested in applying for a one-year sponsored membership for $60, with the remainder of your dues paid for by one of our Industry Angels Sponsors, please complete the form and click the “Submit” button to send your information to NESDA. (All fields are REQUIRED except the “website” field, so you will be unable to submit the form if all fields are not filled in.) Offer applies only if you have never been the recipient of a free or sponsored membership, have never been a member of NESDA, and you are an ASC for one of the companies mentioned. Subject to verification by the NESDA office and sponsoring companies. Please note that your business must have a current Better Business Bureau rating of at least a B- to qualify for a sponsored membership.  If you prefer QUICKEST ACCESS to NESDA programs and services, please join through our 30-day FREE Trial Program.

(Please be sure to include MONTH, DAY, and YEAR.)

Brands/TPA's for which you are authorized by the manufacturer or extended warranty company (please indicate all that apply):